Rainy day ( knitting scarf/ cowl photos)

Rainy day ( knitting scarf/ cowl photos)

Hello 🙂

I don’t know where to start but I just wanted to share with you… Probably won’t  make any sense 😅 but keep it in mind that this is just one of my afternoon moments.. please don’t judge.

Finally, after it’s been raining all day – the sun has made a brief appearance⛅️ 🙌🏼😁 I wanted to take a nice photo with natural light before I edit it with at least 5 photo apps. 😅😅 truth: as soon as the sun appeared I Looked at my phone. 😱Battery emergency only 5%, so I called my son to get the power pack and rushed my hubby to make the coffee ☕️and ran around arranging the set up for this picture before it disappeared again. 2 mins after I took this, the sun was gone. Phew! 👊😌✨😂 woah I just made it👏👏 thanks go to my lovely family that helped make this photo possible 😚😘💎
 I’ll post more finished products later 🙂 

I’m making a cowl 

Finished scarf 

My faves quote for today:

> Time is limited, tomorrow is not promised, but today is. 👊 And what I can do today can affect tomorrow, and build a better promise tomorrow. <
This is my Friday afternoon. 

How are you all? 

Have a wonderful weekend💋


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