Cozy winter 

Cozy winter 

I’m a proud mama 👊✨😁

Right now I’m so seriously happy and proud. Why? Because I just made my very first knitted sweater for my son. I’ve never thought that I would attempt to even make one. I always thought it’s too complicated to make, better to buy. 

Two days ago I went to the shop and saw a similar to this sweater. I was about to buy it but my hubby said to me ” you can make it yourself ”  then I looked at him and smiled a little and said ” yes I think I will do it myself, I won’t pay $90 for a machine made sweater! 😁 Let’s go buy yarn ” Lol

When I came back home I straight away grabbed my iPad and looked at YouTube on how to make a sweater and I found one tutorial video that I liked. I followed the video but not every little detail. I added some of my own inspiration . ( yah! go me ) haha

I’ll put a link when I have a chance incase you are interested but right now I can’t.

So two day later here is my project that I am most proud of. In fact prouder than anything I’ve made before. 😚😘🙌🏼

The hat and scarf I made them as well 😊

Sunday vibes 🔮✨☕️📖

Sunday vibes 🔮✨☕️📖

G’ Day folks, How are you all? Hope you are all enjoying the Sunday vibes, whether it’s hot or cold where you are. Right now where I am it’s rainy and cold vibes… Brrrrrrrrr!! 😊 but I like the coziness.

The Knitting,the smells of the coffee ☕,️ the smell of incense and something new – reading some words from the bible… I love these vibes. 😌✨🙏🏼🔮

A passage that I just read that I liked:-
📖☕️🔮… The Tongue 

Just think how large a forest can be set on fire by a tiny frame! And the tongue is like a fire. It is a world of wrong, occupying its place in our bodies and spreading evil through our whole being. It sets on fire the entire course of our existence with the fire that comes to it from hell itself. Human beings can tame and have tamed all other creatures – wind animals and birds, reptiles and fish. But no one has ever been able to tame the tongue. It is evil and uncontrollable, full of deadly poison.


Although I pray to Buddha and I am a Buddhist, recently I started reading the bible and I quite like it a lot. It’s nice to get a little out of your comfort zone and try new things because without trying something new, then you will never know if you will like it or not. 

So it’s time for me to go out with family now. I might or might not come back but till then have a lovely weekend 

Namaste 🙏🏼

Much love  …Thanisha 👓