Cozy winter 

Cozy winter 

I’m a proud mama 👊✨😁

Right now I’m so seriously happy and proud. Why? Because I just made my very first knitted sweater for my son. I’ve never thought that I would attempt to even make one. I always thought it’s too complicated to make, better to buy. 

Two days ago I went to the shop and saw a similar to this sweater. I was about to buy it but my hubby said to me ” you can make it yourself ”  then I looked at him and smiled a little and said ” yes I think I will do it myself, I won’t pay $90 for a machine made sweater! 😁 Let’s go buy yarn ” Lol

When I came back home I straight away grabbed my iPad and looked at YouTube on how to make a sweater and I found one tutorial video that I liked. I followed the video but not every little detail. I added some of my own inspiration . ( yah! go me ) haha

I’ll put a link when I have a chance incase you are interested but right now I can’t.

So two day later here is my project that I am most proud of. In fact prouder than anything I’ve made before. 😚😘🙌🏼

The hat and scarf I made them as well 😊


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