About Me

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My Favourite Quote:

❤   …The Biggest Adventure You Can Take Is To Live The Life Of Your Dreams…  ❤

Hello Lovelies🙋  

My name is Thanisha. I’m 30 years old, ” Getting more mature or getting old, (Laugh) ”
I feel like the luckiest girl in the world that is married to the best man ever – in my opinion.  We have two lovely kids  (boys), Christopher and Gregory. I’ve lived in Australia since 2004 but was born and raised in Thailand.

I’m just a typical Asian girl who likes crafts, art, cooking, music, green smoothies, nail art, pretty and cute stuff. I also have a huge passion for crochet. I decided to give it a go on this blog to share things about crafts, crochet, beauty, life style, all the things I enjoy in life. 🙂  Hope you all enjoy my blog ❤

IMG_6469IMG_6467🌟 English is my second language. So please do not judge me and thank you for your understanding. I’ll try my best don’t worry. hehe  😁
In the future I plan to re-start my own youtube channel again (I tried and failed before) so please stay tuned!

My full time job is looking after my hubby and kids. I’ve tried many different things (hobbies) but they come and go. Right now I’m crazy about crochet. I still like partying and dancing, but I struggle to find the time and I think I’m getting a bit over it. I think I’m getting older and wiser so partying and dancing isn’t a high priority any more. You know what I mean.

I tried creating a blog 2 years ago, but I struggled learning it and lost interest. I’m such a perfectionist so I was never satisfied with my blog page. So, now second time around. I’m going to give it a real go. At the moment I am still in the process of trying to set up my new blog, so the next few days of posts might come and go, be random in nature or get edited a lot. Please bear with me ❤ ^^ ❤

Thank you for your understanding. xo
Please come back and visit my blog again soon :”)

Thank you for visiting my blog :”)
Xox ^____=cropped-img_9503.jpg

Hope everyone is having a great day :”)

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